In the Non-Violent Communication philosophy - on which the idea of Needs in the Spine Model is largely founded - humans all have the following needs…

Connection acceptance, affection, appreciation, belonging, cooperation, communication, closeness, community, companionship, compassion, consideration, consistency, empathy, inclusion, intimacy, love, mutuality, nurturing, respect/self-respect, safety, security, stability, support, to know and be known, to see and be seen, to understand and be understood, trust, warmth
Honesty authenticity, integrity, presence
Play joy, humour
Peace beauty, communion, ease, equality, harmony, inspiration, order
Physical Well-being air, food, movement/exercise, rest/sleep, sexual expression, safety, shelter, touch, water
Meaning awareness, celebration of life, challenge, clarity, competence, consciousness, contribution, creativity, discovery, efficacy, effectiveness, growth, hope, learning, mourning, participation, purpose, self-expression, stimulation, to matter, understanding
Autonomy choice, , freedom, independence, space, spontaneity