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Devconf2016 Talk - Danie Roux, The Uncanny Construction of Meaning Post Danie Roux keynoted the inaugural Devconf conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. His talk was not directly about Spine Model, but it was one of the central themes. You can download the slides from this talk here.
ZADevChat Podcast - Episode 29 Post Kevin McKelvin and Kenneth Kalmer from ZADevChat interviewed Kevin Trethewey and Danie Roux about the Spine Model. You can find and listen to the episode here. Here are some resources mentioned during the recording, as collated by the show hosts… Extreme Programming Nonviolent Communication Rhetoric...
Agile2015 Talk - Spine Model, A systemic approach to effective leadership Post Hear the talk live in South Africa Following the success of the international presentation, we are offering South African organisations and user groups the opportunity of hearing it (we’re happy to travel further if you are paying :) ). Please contact us to reserve a slot, or contact...
Driven2Distraction Podcast - Episode 20 Post Shanaaz met Kevin and Danie at the Slow Lounge in Sandton and interviewed them on the origins and purpose of the Spine Model and the upcoming trip to Agile2015 in Washington DC to talk about it. You can find and listen to the episode here.