Danie and Kevin were invited by Christopher Dawson to DVT’s BrightSparx event for their Microsoft and Mobile dev teams. We were asked to reprise our Agile2015 talk.

When we arrived and did some recon we observed that most of the people in the audience were developers with not a lot of experience. The Agile2015 talk was more aimed at organisational leadership level so we very quickly decided to throw out the script.

Instead we improv-ed a live application of the model by focussing on what they, as relatively new entrants into our field, could do to shift their thinking from Practices and Tools towards Needs and Values. We tried to show how the model could be useful to them in their journey from novice to expert in a set of skills.

We threw in a bunch of examples, some real some not, some landed some…not (at least Danie got a good Emacs rant in).

We had fun, by all accounts they did as well.