Meta information about the Spine Model
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The Spine Model (read this for an intro to the model itself), originated from the collaboration on organisational coaching work done by Kevin Trethewey and Danie Roux. Since then a number of people have collaborated and added ideas to the model, in various useful ways.

Main Authors

Kevin Trethewey
Kevin Trethewey
Danie Roux
Danie Roux


There have been many contributers to the model and the catalogue. If you would like to be one of them, then please contact us directly!

Body of Knowledge

There are two main parts to the Spine Model documentation…

  • The documentation describes the model and how it can be applied.
  • The catalogue is a wiki-style catalogue of items at the five different level.

Other places you can learn about Spine Model…

Emergence of the Model

The Spine Model is an extension of Kent Beck’s modeling of XP ideas as Values, Principles and Practices. We then added the way Needs where modeled in Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication on top. We added Tools on the bottom because that made sense.

That formed the basis of the Spine Model structure, but the thinking and the way we apply it has been influenced by many great minds, many of which are pictured below.

See more about why it’s called the Spine Model and why it is drawn the way it is.

Influencers of the model

These are some of the people on who’s shoulders we are standing when we use the model…

Spine Model influencers
Spine Model Influencers